Record-size sex chromosome found in two bird species

Scientists in Sweden as well as the UK have actually found the biggest recognized bird sex chromosome. The titan chromosome was developed when 4 chromosomes integrated with each other right into one, as well as has actually been located in 2 types of lark.

” This was an unanticipated exploration, as birds are typically taken into consideration to have extremely secure hereditary product with unspoiled chromosomes,” describes Bengt Hansson, teacher at Lund College in Sweden.

In a brand-new research study, the scientists charted the genome of a number of types of lark, a songbird family members in which all participants have uncommonly big sex chromosomes. The record-size chromosome is located in both the Eurasian skylark, a types that prevails in Europe, Asia as well as North Africa, as well as the Raso lark, a types just located on the little island of Raso in Cape Verde.

According to the Lund biologists Bengt Hansson as well as Hanna Sigeman, that led the research study, the 4 chromosomes have actually integrated with each other in phases. The earliest blend took place 25 million years earlier as well as one of the most current 6 million years earlier. The 4 chromosomes that have actually developed the larks’ sex chromosome have actually likewise all established at a long time right into sex chromosomes in various other animals.

” The hereditary product in the larks’ sex chromosome has actually likewise been utilized to develop sex chromosomes in animals, fish, frogs, reptiles as well as turtles. This suggests that specific components of the genome have a better propensity to become sex chromosomes than others,” states Bengt Hansson.

Why both types have the biggest sex chromosome of all birds is uncertain, however the outcome can be dreadful result in issues for women larks in the future. Researches of various sex chromosome systems have actually revealed that the sex-limited chromosome, as an example the Y chromosome in human beings, normally breaks down in time as well as sheds practical genetics.

” Amongst birds, the ladies have an equivalent W chromosome in which we see the very same break down pattern. As 3 times much more hereditary product is connected to the sex chromosomes of these larks contrasted to various other birds, this can trigger issues for numerous genetics,” states Hanna Sigeman, doctoral pupil at the Division of Biology, Lund College.


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