Coca and conflict: The factors fuelling Colombian deforestation

Logging in Colombia has actually been connected to armed problem and also woodlands’ closeness to coca plants, the plant where drug is obtained.

A College of Queensland-led research study located that problem in between prohibited teams and also the governmental army pressures, closeness to coca vineyards, extracting giving ins, oil wells and also roadways were all connected with boosted logging.

UQ PhD trainee Pablo Negret stated the research study recognized just how neighborhood chauffeurs of logging in exotic nations influence logging threat.

” The partnership in between problem and also logging is much from easy,” he stated.

” Lots of elements connect to boost or reduce logging threat, however steady administration can aid woodland retention.”

Mr Negret stated developing governmental control where Colombia’s biggest unorthodox team, the Revolutionary Army of Colombia (FARC), existed was necessary to staying clear of additional logging.

” We require clear plan and also activity to quit the unchecked logging that has actually happened because the main tranquility treaty in between the Colombian Federal Government and also FARC was checked in 2016.

” Our study reveals that preservation jobs require to operate in parallel with social jobs and also replacing prohibited coca plants.

” One means to do this is to deal with the areas in Native books and also Afro-Colombian cumulative lands to get to preservation goals, while cultivating financial task.”

The scientists made use of woodland cover info gathered from satellites in between 2000 and also 2015, evaluating the organization of 17 variables with logging patterns in the nation.

Other research study writer Teacher Martine Maron stated by identifying the chauffeurs of logging the research study might aid trigger activity to conserve at-risk woodlands.

” We need to quit the full-blown damage of the globe’s woodlands if we are to regulate the biodiversity and also environment dilemma,” she stated.

” And also by teasing out the facility elements that intimidate woodlands in a nation like Colombia, we might have the ability to discover efficient services for attending to social and also ecological sickness around the world.

” Tranquility and also sustainability make great bedfellows.”

The research study entailed a worldwide group from UQ, Wild Animals Preservation Culture, The Nature Conservancy, the Alexander von Humboldt Biological Resources Research Study Institute and also the Globe Wide Fund for Nature.


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